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Vouch offers a variety of licenses to suit different needs, may be at different times, of a business establishment. So each component has a separate installer or zipped archive.


At the minimum you will need is to download base installer. You can find here the installation instructions. Vouch base installer contains complimentary free license for many business or industry verticals. Vouch base installer will remain the same for any type of Vouch installation, complimentary free or with individual license. The license information is contained in a separate binary file "Vouch.dat". Vouch base installer is shipped with Vouch.dat(s) for many different business and industry verticals. These .dat(s) are placed in {app}/dat/fr_* folders.


Vouch Recommends

You download the base installer first, install, and configure it according to your business requirement. The complimentary free version has only few restrictions which are not a show stopper for using Vouch in production environment. Once you get satisfied with the product, and also your requirements grow and you feel the necessity to procure individual license, then approach any of the independent service providers listed here. And do not worry about your existing data. It will be matter of a couple of hours ( depending upon the size of data ) to migrate existing data contained in free version to your individual license.




Vouch 7.91.130
( Base Installer with complimentary 2-User Free License for all Verticals Vouch Implements. 2-User Free License upgrades up-to 5-Users incrementing 1-User every 13 months from the date of activation, if a request is made via <Resend> button in Vouch Registration Wizard )

13 MB

Windows installer.

VouchCloud Server 1.0

5 MB

Zipped Archive. Unzip in {sd}/creative.acp/vouch

VouchCloud Client for Windows 1.0

6 MB

Zipped Archive. Unzip in any folder, preferably "VouchClient".

VouchCloud Services Client for Android

10 MB

Android Package ( .apk  ) directly installable on Android Mobile.

Vouch_as_a_Service Server

( Needed to execute VouchEventizer and also to serve VouchMobile (Android) Client requests. Every License, free or otherwise, comes with a 2-events free VouchEventizer. VouchMobile needs VouchCloud License )

4 MB

Archieve contains VouchSrvS.exe. Unzip it in {sd}/creative.acp/vouch.

Vouch 7.91.130
( Complete Installation  -  All Above Components Inclusive )

40 MB

Download all above components all-in-one.