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Download VouchInstaller (Base) from here.


Execute VouchInstaller as per these instructions.


Choose the right license key ( vouch.dat ) for your business vertical. All verticals with corresponding key location is listed below with brief description. By default VouchTrade license key is active. Copy relevant Vouch.dat in {app}/dat/org folder.


Execute Vouch from start menu.


Create your organization as per these instructions. Enter Vouch. Provide ( dot dot dot free dot dot dot ) when asked for Serial/Controller. Provide SUPER/super as Username/Password when asked.


WARNING: Do Not Initiate any configurations, including creating CONTROLLER and/or User Passwords before Vouch Registration process is over. Your personal copy of license key (Vouch.dat) which you will receive after a successful registration will change the data encryption protocol and hence whatever you would do before registration will not be accessible with registered license.


Initiate Vouch Registration wizard and follow the instruction. Once you have received registered license key, copy it in {app}/dat/org folder overwriting previous key. Execute Vouch again and examine the title-bar of main window which should include text "[Free: 2 Users]" confirming that you now have a valid license key and all available to this license features are unlocked.


The immediate next step, which Vouch recommends, should be to create CONTROLLER/ADMIN password which will then be used for all next operations making VouchFree's common Serial Number ( ineffective. This is an extremely important step.


Create Users as per these instruction.


You are ready to exploit the power of Vouch. Explore its capabilities.


Do not forget that you earn one more user, up-to 5 max, every 13 months. Just revisit the Vouch Registration Wizard and click on <Resend>.